Democratic Republic of Congo

About This Project

The D.R.C. project has created energy generation infrastructures in health centers in the South Kiwu area, one of the most unstable in the world, rich of both resources and conflicts. The first intervention was carried out in the hospital of Ludwinja, a center entirely managed by the Franciscana cooperation. The hospital, equipped with 2 operating rooms, maternity, tropical diseases, pediatrics, ophthalmology and dentistry, employs about 150 staff between specialized and maintenance staff and is completely financially autonomous.

The implementation if the energy generation and storage system  of 25KWp, with a self-consumption of approximately 90%, provides a benefit to the structure of about $ 60,000 / year.

This financial surplus is fully used by the staff education and retention structure.

In Bukavu and Burigni, another 8 health centers, which operate in the suburbs for the Xaverian Fathers, offer treatment to about 250,000 people.

Each detachment, made up of a stand-alone 6Kwp system, offers:

  1. Feeding to well pumps
  2. Maternity wards (limited to natural parts)
  3. Tropical diseases
  4. Burns department
  5. Day hospital and long stay
  6. Conservation of vaccines and medicines
  7. Surgeries analysis

The centers connected to the catechetical activities also allow students and students to use equipped and illuminated classrooms also during the evening hours.

In 2018  two more installations were added for the hospitals in the city of Bukavu.